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A healthy life is what we all strive for. Just having right food is not enough though. Right combination and proportion of food is also important for an individual. We at RealVedic aim to provide the wholesome nutrition in the right amount through guidance and carefully curated products.

A Shloka from the ancient book Sushrutasamhita

Sushrutasamhita ,Sutrasthan  (Chapter 15, Shloka 10) 

''Samadosha, Samagnischa, Samadhatumalkriyah- Prasannatmendriyamanah, Swasth- a iti abhidhiyate"

He whose doshas are in balance, appetite is good, all tissues of the body and all natural urges are functioning properly, and whose mind,body and spirit are cheerful or full of bliss, he is a healthy person.

Our Products

We at RealVedic, understand the gap between the ancient way of living and the modern lifestyle and we intend to bridge the gap. Products we believe in are the products we offer enabling healthy living. Our products have the essence of Ayurveda.


Our Team

Ranganathan Srinivasan Founder & CEO

Technocrat entrepreneur with over 20+ years experience. He is the founder and CEO of EKO Infomatics Solutions. Head of Decision Science Team at GE and VP Research and Analytics at WNS. He dons many hats and loves the challenges of a startup.



Rajlaxmi Shivram  Head of Product Development

Ex-Portfolio head-Ecommerce vertical in HDFC Bank. Has an overall experience of around 20 years. She loves dabbling in new ideas and leading from the front. Being a mother of toddlers, she has been trying hard to get her hands on healthy options in the market and aims to bridge that gap through Realvedic products.


 We are a team of experienced practitioners and hospitality professionals who are here to guide you on the path of longevity by imparting and sharing the knowledge we have gained so far. We believe the only sustainable way to survive is to sync with the nature.


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