Some Ancient Indian Health Tips

Some Ancient Indian Health Tips

1. Ajeerne Bhojanam Visham - If previously taken lunch is not digested, having dinner will be equivalent to taking poison.

Hunger is one signal that the previously consumed food is digested.

Our grandparents and ancestors knew the golden rule and we wouldn’t have seen them eat irregularly or out of proportion. Anything offered outside their meal times would be politely refused. And they were blessed with good health. Now, this isn’t just luck but a discipline and that just meant understanding your body’s calling and following it.

Life during the pandemic and post it (though we are still not of the woods, we are dealing with it better) has made us all turn to food for comfort and some times as a stress buster and sometimes because there was no other interesting outlet. Now, how many of us haven’t raided the kitchen during odd hours and not so odd hours for that one piece of heaven! It wouldn’t matter if we had a breakfast, lunch or dinner just then. A call, a meeting or a mail would be enough to trigger anxiety and dig in. Guilt is the operative word for our collective conscience but…

How do we take charge and move away from this routine?
Answer is what we knew all along,

“ Follow the hunger signals and respect it”.

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